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Judge Diego Hunt Must Be Retained - 1st Judicial District Jefferson County

Judge Diego Hunt was the only fair judge in Jefferson County I have had in my 5 year long nightmare of abuse from my ex and the family courts. It was told me by my first attorney that neither party should walk away from a trial or hearing feeling they "won". Although that is an awful way to look at family court it is true. This is lost on narcissists and abusers. People that use the system for their own little revenge tool.

I was not 100% satisfied with Judge Diego Hunt's ruling or his depiction of me. With that being said it was very fair. He didn't necessarily understand or acknowledge why I was a "jerk" as he put it. I wish he would of understand my life for the last 5 years was equivalent of someone being abused on a daily bases by an awful person. I would assume he wouldn't consider a woman being abused that was upset as a "jerk". HE also grossly misrepresented my income in my opinion. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on attorney and court costs including some of my ex's attorney fees. He failed to understand I have fought false allegations, watched my ex perjur herself every time she sat on the stand. I watched her attorneys lie and distort the facts and lie to try to steal my children. So yes after 5 years of that, I am a jerk and damn proud of it!

Back to Diego Hunt. With that rant above being said he is still the best of about 8 judges and magistrates I have had the misfortune to be in their courtroom. He allowed every piece of evidence that should be admitted allowed in. All the ones that should not be allowed he refused. He did this to both parties. I was disappointed so was the other party. HE should be retained and extremely fair.     

The final thing that makes it so clear Diego Hunt must be retained is my narcissistic, control freak, woman that believes men are merely sperm donors and should never have a relationship with their children is filing an appeal. On the most ridiculous grounds. Just because Diego Hunt saw through her bullshit it made her upset.  Diego Hunt makes sure he is always fair to all parties.

Thank you for being the most fair judge I have experienced in Jefferson County in my 5 years of fighting an evil person with evil attorneys. Thank you for thinking of what is best for my children and doing your job. I will vote to retain you sir. But I would like you to know I am not a jerk. I am a guy that is fed up with the bullshit and really just wants to be left alone and be the best dad I can be.

Diego Hunt Jefferson County


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